Melrose & Madison is an online destination offering a curated selection of distinctive light fixtures and home accessories. Founded in 2023 by a premier Northeast  Lighting + Décor retailer and guided by the expertise of leading design professionals and style-makers, our passion for beautifully designed spaces led us to launch our online boutique easily accessible to all design enthusiasts.  

"Crafting Illumination and Elegance: Bridging Two Coasts, One Home"

At MELROSE & MADISON, we illuminate the art of living by seamlessly blending
the iconic design sensibilities of New York and the effortless chic and
sophistication of Los Angeles. Our mission is to transform your living spaces
into captivating sanctuaries, harmonizing the cultural essence of two
trendsetting metropolises.

Rooted in the creative energy of New York and the laid-back elegance of Los Angeles,
we are more than just a home furnishings retailer; we are curators of
lifestyle, dedicated to enhancing your surroundings with carefully curated,
hand-picked decorative lighting and furnishings.

Our home is where the heart is, and we believe that it should reflect the soul of
its inhabitants. That's why we collaborate with the most influential designers
and tastemakers from the bustling streets of New York and the sun-kissed
boulevards of Los Angeles. They infuse their creativity, innovation, and local
essence into our collections, ensuring each piece exudes the distinctive charm
of its origin.

We are your bridge between the two trend capitals, offering you the best of both
worlds. Whether it's the sophistication of Manhattan's skyscrapers or the
relaxed coastal vibe of Malibu, our selection resonates with the diverse tastes
and desires of our customers. We not only follow trends; we set them by
presenting you with the finest and most sought-after pieces from these design

At MELROSE & MADISON, our mission is to elevate your home with the perfect
blend of New York's cosmopolitan chic and Los Angeles' coastal allure. Join us
in embracing the art of living beautifully and authentically. Your home, your
story, our inspiration.

What we believe

We take living comfortably seriously. With our ever-growing selection of new and captivating products, we invite you to explore, create, and discover the perfect pieces that will elevate your living experience. 

Where our style meets at the intersection of LA & NY